Welcome to Blackberry unlocker. We provide INSTANT, remote blackberry unlocking service. We can unlock any GSM Blackberry to work with any GSM network of your choice worldwide.

Unlock Your BlackBerry in Just 3 Easy steps:

  • Simply send us your blackberry IMEI number
  • We will Show Unlock Code On screen And e-mail you Also Without any Waiting
  • Enter Code and you could be using your Blackberry unlocked in just a few minutes!

We unlock ALL GSM BlackBerry models that have an IMEI number ( type *#06# from your BlackBerry to get the IMEI number)

Why Unlock Blackberry ?

You may be asking yourself: why would I want to unlock Blackberry? Well there are several reasons why including:

1. Unlocking your Blackberry enables you to use any network world wide so you do not need to be anchored down to one network. This is useful if you have a contract sim or a PAYG sim but you do not wish to loose all your numbers by swapping to the phones locked provider.

2. Unlocking your Blackberry can also add value when it comes to selling it. Most people look to by already unlocked phones so they do not have to do it themselves.

3. If you travel abroad a lot then it is definitely worth unlocking your Blackberry. We all know how expensive calls from abroad are, with an unlocked phone you can just pop in a sim from that country. It抯 as simple as that!

4. Best of all unlocking is 100% legal and will not void your warranty!

5.ROAM FREE! - That抯 right, roam free! By unlocking your Blackberry device, you can avoid paying roaming charger by your phone company especially when traveling overseas. All you抣l need is to purchase a Pre-paid SIM card and insert in into you Blackberry device and talk.

6. RESALE! - By unlocking your Blackberry device, you抣l be able to raise your asking asking price by as much as 50%. A phone what works on any GSM network is a more reliable phone, a more reliable phone cost more.

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